Win a VIP All-Inclusive trip to attend a live Space Launch! 

From the Kourou Space Centre for the Sphere's Launch on The Ariane Rocket

Only 50 winners !

The trip of your life is waiting for you!

To thank the first members joining the Sphere Club, 50 winners will be drawn!
These 50 people will win a VIP trip, all costs paid (see below), to come and watch live in 2023 the launch of the Ariane rocket, on top of which the Sphere will be located.


The launch live

You will be at the Kourou Space Centre (French Guiana) to witness the launch of the Arianne rocket on top of which the Sphere will be placed to start its journey with your memories.

A person of your choice

Each of the 50 winners can take a person of their choice on this unique trip! This person will have access to exactly the same benefits as you.

Round trip

The journey begins on your doorstep, where a chauffeur-driven car will pick you up to take you to the nearest airport. You will take a flight to Paris (France). Once the activities in Paris are over, you will be taken by plane to Kourou (French Guiana). After the launch, your return flight home will await you, as well as the car and its driver, for the return.

Visits and meals

In Paris (France) you will stay in a **** hotel, you will also have a visit of the city and the high places linked to humanity and the space history organised for you. Not to mention the meals. In Kourou (French Guiana) you will discover French Guiana before visiting the space center.
All your meals are included ( drinks excluded).

Come join us in Paris!

Your journey begins on your front door to take you, wherever you live in the world, to Paris where the headquarters of Memory Space Corporation resides. On site you will be accommodated in a **** hotel, will be entitled to a guided tour of the high places of space and humanity. We will also be pleased to invite you to an excellent dinner before leaving the next day for Kourou (French Guiana).

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The Guiana Space Center 

Kourou - French Guiana

The Guiana Space Center or CSG is a space research center as well as a French and European launch base, Located in the municipalities of Kourou and Sinnamary, in French Guiana.

It's from there that the Ariane rocket taking the Sphere for the start of its great journey will be launched.

And it's from the center that you will attend the launch, along with all the members of the Memory Space Corporation team, after a site visit.

Your Program*

Day 1

Your journey begins on your front door.
Wherever you are in the world a car will be waiting outside your door to take you to the nearest airport.
Your ticket to Paris will be waiting for you. On arrival a vehicle will take you to your **** hotel where your room will be waiting for you for a well-deserved rest.

Day 2

We invite you to spend the day visiting the highlights of the human and spatial history in Paris (Eiffel Tower, Chailot Palace, City of Sciences and Space, ...).
Being in France it goes without saying that the meals are taken care of for you (excluding drinks) and will make you taste French cuisine.

Day 3

With the 49 other winners, their companions and staff members of Memory Space Corporation, you will fly to French Guiana where the whole Memory Space Corporation team will be waiting to welcome you and congratulate you!

Day 4

A day of rest dedicated to Guyana and to the visit of the Guyanese Space Center. You will thus have a detailed view of the space and scientific missions launched from the center but also of how a launch is prepared.

Day 5

Live launch! You will be one of the few people to live and feel a rocket launch! The departure of your memories installed in the Sphere will be for you a reality! Enduring memories and an experience that you can pass on to your descendants!

Day 6

After a little free time it is with regret that we will accompany you to your plane for a return flight home. On arrival a vehicle will be waiting to bring you from the airport to your front door, your head full of exceptional memories and already turned towards the journey of the Sphere, which you can now follow from the application.

(*) This program may be subject to fluctuations.
The drinks you will consume during this trip are not included in your package and are your responsibility.
The launch of a rocket depends on a lot of factors. It's possible that during the trip the launch may be postponed, which is not under the control of Memory Space Corporation.

How to Win?

You have to play! As soon as we have reached the first 10 million registered in the Sphere club we will proceed, under the supervision of a bailiff, to the draw of the 50 winners. Whatever level of membership you have chosen, you will be selected for the draw.

Do not wait any longer ! Take part now!

The more registrants there are, the faster you will have the chance to win! Share now with your friends!

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When will the draw take place?

As soon as the number of subscribers to the Sphere Club reaches 10,000,000 we will proceed to the draw under the supervision of a bailiff.

What if the rocket is not launched?

The launch of a rocket is conditioned by a large list of external parameters. Memory Space Corporation cannot guarantee the launch. If the launch did not take place your trip will continue all the same.

When will the launch take place?

At the time of writing, the launch is scheduled for 2022. The winners will be kept regularly informed in order to organize themselves as well as possible.

How to attend the draw?

The members of the Sphere Club will all have access to a private group on which the draw will be broadcasted live.

Is this an all-inclusive price?

Your drinks (excluding champagne to celebrate the launch of the Sphere) are not included, nor your extra costs except organised excursions and organisation.

What types of hotels will I stay in?

We will accommodate you in high-end hotels (at least ****) in Paris and equivalent in Guyana.

Game rules : CLICK HERE

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