Announcing The SPHERE, 

the new and coolest Adventure

YOU can belong to now!

Read this if you are tired of never 
being part of the new "Big Thing"!

If you weren't: among the ones who saw Tesla coming, among the first who got the latest iPhone, or the among ones who enjoyed "Nouvelle Cuisine" first, this is

the most important letter you'll ever read!

What follows is for the real thought leaders of this century, the ones that:

Find the best ideas

You prove the others that being curious, finding the new stuff and trying it is who you are!

Go For The Win

You, being that "crazy" adventurous person, are always ready to look out for the best, coolest concepts!

Move Fast

You have no fear to move fast and grab the most advanced concepts and ideas before they disapear!

What is The SPHERE?

The craziest idea since humanity has decided to build the Pyramids in Egypt. But was it really humanity? Who knows!

You know that now is the time to move forward and show your friends and relatives that you can be at the start of sending Humanity's memory through space!

Sounds crazy? Yes! Possible? Absolutely! 

The SPHERE is a new, 3 meter in diameter, generation of spacecraft that will carry in digital format the memories of 2 Billion people, yours of top of all, through space and time for a never ending trip. You can select how much and what type (video, photo, text) of memory you will upload into the SPHERE.

Storing data in the Cloud is old fashioned! Time for the data storage in the Galaxy!


You can get your space aboard The SPHERE!

If you want want to share more You can grab the space you really need!

The SPHERE will allow you to select the size of Data Storage you'd like to have and how many memories you'd like to upload! Here are the various possible sizes:



3 Ways to Share Your Memories

You can upload photos, videos or texts inside your storage space. These memories will be stored on the Memory Space Corporation servers prior to their upload inside the SPHERE right before its launch through space. After the launch all your memories backup will be accessible on our servers.


How Will Your Descendants Remember You?

First of all Your name will be connected with The SPHERE and listed for all to see on our various websites, showing how much of a Thought Leader you are. But you'll also be able to share the access to your data space with your children, grandchildren etc... for them to be able to access your memories and share these with their children.


Can You Prove You Are Part of The SPHERE?

Not only will your name get on The SPHERE's member list but you will also get a Certificate, right after the launch, proving that your memories are travelling through Space and Time. This Certificate can be handed over to your descendants, proving the pioneer you were.


Say Goodbye to Anonymity

As a member of The SPHERE you will have the opportunity to help our research and development team. On a regular basis you will be able to comment on the technologies and techniques used to create and build The SPHERE. You can also share your ideas.


Why having missed the initial start of Tesla, the latest smartphone, or vegan shoes is good for you!

Because they would have set you financially back! Today you can get a data space inside The SPHERE for less than the cost of a pizza!


How can You impact Humanity's future without being ignored?

As a member of The SPHERE you get access to the Memory Space Corporation Foundation and will be asked to help us select the best projects to help humanity and the world live better together!


  1. A data storage space in The SPHERE.
  2. Your Launch Certificate and login access that you can hand over to your children, grand children etc...
  3. Access to The SPHERE's research and development progress.
  4. Access to the Private Memory Space Corporation Facebook group and conferences.
  5. To become a member of the Memory Space Corporation Foundation.
  6. To see your name on the list of The SPHERE's members.


You are going to be part of the 10 first million The SPHERE members, out of 2 billion people, as such you get automatically added to the people who will join the Raffle to win one of the 50 VIP All-Inclusive trips to attend The SPHERE's launch from the European Space Launch Centre in Kourou (french Guyana). 50 people, PLUS the person of their choice.

Here is a preview of the program : Day 1 - you get picked at your house, a driver gets you to the airport where you'll catch a flight to Paris. Day 2 - You'll visit the important humanity and space places in Paris and enjoy some nice french cuisine. Day 3 - You catch a flight with the other 49 winners and their partner/friend to French Guyana. Day 4 - You'll visit the space centre. Day 5 - The SPHERE's launch live from the space centre. Day 6 - Your flight brings you back home where a driver will get you back to your place. This program may slightly change based on flights schedules. Hotels will be **** (when possible). Drinks are not included.

HERE's what to do next

Click on the Button bellow to get to The SPHERE's booking page.

As soon as the booking process is completed you will get the login information (by email) to your private The SPHERE membership page. Once you login you can start uploading your memories.

Click on the Button now, and join The SPHERE!


We stop the entries to the raffle to win the VIP All-Inclusive trip as soon as we have reached the 10.000.000 members!


In case you're one of those people (like us) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

- You get your private data space in The SPHERE.

- You get access to the research and development steps of The SPHERE and can contribute.

- You become a member of the MSc Foundation.

- You get a Launch Certificat you can hand over to your descendants.

- You get to share your data space login details with your descendants to share your memories.

- You get access to The SPHERE's private group on Facebook, and enjoy the conferences and various contents.

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