Announcing the

FIRST Galactic Storage

for Human Memories!

"Our Sphere project aims to provide all the means necessary to give, provide and offer help and efficient solutions for human memories data storage in the Galaxy.
But it will not be without your help!

We all know that there are solutions. It's just a matter of means!"

Richard Manzo

R. Manzo / Founder

What is The SPHERE all about?

Collect and compile humanity's memories

The SPHERE's data storage is dedicated to  photos, videos, or texts. You can share content related to yourself or a loved one or missing person, a poem, a family tree, a song, a milestone in your life, a photo of your entire family ... something you want to know will survive through time until eternity.

Send through Space

Memories sent by participants will be taken aboard the spaceship  "Sphere" and then sent into space much farther than the imagination could allow. The data will be protected using the most recent scientific developments and research coming out of our lab.

Create dreams

A human and scientific project of global scope open to all. This is nothing less than creating an inexhaustible source of comfort for all present and future inhabitants of our Planet.

The sphere with digital storage elements aims to immortalize the existence of a part of humanity, participating in this project: YOU!

Discover The SPHERE

The Data Storage

Thousands of Terabytes of disk space will be loaded into the sphere, including your data. A connection interface will be developed so that this data can one day be read ... somewhere in space ...

The Research

Half of the Sphere will be devoted to research. Projects from all types can come forward and take place on board. If yours is ready it's highly time to contact us.

The Adventure

You will be able to follow the sphere on its smart phone application (in developpement) and transmit its position to your family and children, they will even be able to follow its evolution when you are no longer there, tracking to your memory through space.

Main Benefits when You join The SPHERE

You didn't get hired by NASA? ESA? Etc... No worries!

Being part of a space adventure is now possible as a member of The SPHERE! 

This isn't just a mysterious spacecraft sent into space in total secret! This is yours! You will help with your ideas and energy to make it happen and get launched in early 2023!


Be part of a unique project

For the first time since the Pyramids in Egypt a project driven by humanity is starting and you can be part of it.


Help the 21st century space project

As a member of The SPHERE you can share your ideas and comment the development of The SPHERE.


Share with your kids

The memories you will upload into The SPHERE can be shared with your descendants.


Impact the world

Not only will you be part of a space project but you will also be part of The Foundation Memory Space Corporation will be funding and help selecting the projects.

Win a VIP All-Inclusive Trip to attend live to The SPHERE's launch into Space!

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The SPHERE is a Memory Space Corporation program. Learn more about the company HERE